Screen captures are helpful. You can utilize them to tell your grandparent the best way to utilize another application. You can utilize them to send a fix of that bizarre blunder message to your organization’s IT office. You can utilize them to catch tweets — yours or another person’s — before they vanish down the erasure dark gap.

  • In case you’re utilizing an iPhone, you’ll see that taking a screen capture is a basic activity.
  • Press the side catch and the volume-up button at the same time. (Note: on the off chance that you have an iPhone that has a Home catch, you have to press the side catch and the Home catch.)
  • You’ll get a thumbnail picture of your screen capture in the lower-left corner
  • Tap on the picture to make it bigger. Symbols in the upper-right corner let you erase it or offer it. There will likewise be altering apparatuses underneath that will let you include features or imprint it up. Snap-on the, in addition, to sign in the lower-right corner and you can include text, a mark, bolts, or different shapes.
  • At the point when that is no joke, “Done” in the upper-left corner. You can spare the picture to Photos, Files, or erase it.

After taking a screenshot on your iPhone, you can edit it.

You can save your screenshot to Photos or Files.

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